Website Design – The key to a Successful Website for CPAs

When CPAs and accountants use a well-designed website, they are increasing their possibilities of being hired by potential clients. Additionally, accounting firms can display all their expertise and prove a successful customer experience. Your firm’s website must include all relevant information regarding your services and expertise. This will help a client learn about your business and its opportunities.
The content of your website should be entirely focused on the services you are providing and key aspects you can help your customers with. Everything you produce from design, visual elements to text and call to action buttons, need to provide an answer to your customer pain points. Before planning the structure of your website you should define your customer pain points and what information they are looking for when searching your services.

What key elements are included in the design and development of a website?

The design of your website should reflect your business goals. Take into account that potential clients will be judging you by the first image that your website reflects. What usually happens when your website does not accomplish its function is that you lose potential customers. To make sure your website reflects your professionalism and competence we provide you with elements that help you do that:

  • Define your brand identity. Design the visual elements that will define your brand, such as logo and colour palette, fonts and icons. Add these elements on your website to be recognized by your clients. Your branding elements should be included in each marketing materials you are providing. Make sure they are easy to find and help differentiate your brand.
  • Easy to use navigation. When someone visits your website, and they are ready to contact, you need to ensure that the contact details are easy to find. Ideally, you would research and organize the content of your website to be easily understandable for everyone looking for accounting services.
  • Professional Layout. As you can understand website visitors have set their expectation high as accounting firms are becoming competitive in the digital space. With such a competitive playing field you must ensure that your website’s layout is professional and respects the guidelines mentioned above.
  • Calls to action. Most of your call to actions will be redirected to contact or download a document page. They must be strategically placed in such a way that is very easy for the visitors to identify them. You want your visitors to click on those call to actions so you can collect their contact details. You would usually experiment with different positions to analyze which one performs better.

Why your accounting firm needs a website?

Your website is the core of your online communications. When putting effort to understand and create a website for your accounting firm you will see an increase in visitors and leads coming through your site. Not to mention the fact that your consumers will be more likely to stay longer and recommend your site. Below we have analyzed which are the main benefits accounting firms have when they prioritize online marketing strategies.

Benefits of a website for accounting firms

Differentiate your firm from the competition

A website should talk directly to your consumer needs and help them decide to hire your services. When marketing your accounting firm is crucial to understand what is the advantage your firm has compared to other firms? Why do clients decide to establish a long-term relationship with your firm? What industries are you going to focus on? The main question you must ask yourself is why your clients should hire your firm instead of others?

Increase brand awareness of your firm

All the branding elements we have mentioned before will define who you are as a firm. Every component of your marketing collateral -logo, brochures, website, social media, etc, convey your accounting firm’s brand position and promise. You will, therefore, want to ensure these elements can make a good first impression.

Attract and nurture leads

As we are moving and increasing online communications, your accounting firm’s website has a great potential to attract more leads. It is an investment worth making when you think about all the potential benefits your website brings to your clients.

Website Design and Development Process for Accounting Firms

Website Planning

In the planning phase, the project scope is defined in order to outline specific activities and deliverables, along with timelines. This helps p.Xel Digital Agency set clear expectations and make sure the client is well informed about the design and development processes.

Website Design

Once the wireframes and the site structure has been defined, the next phase is to create a visual style. The overall visual style will most likely be determined by the visual brand of the law firm. Our main goal is to connect the website with all other forms of your accounting firm’s communications.

Website Development

Upon the design’s approval, it is time to create the design of the pages, develop new content and or refine and adjust old content. For instance, new content in video, slideshow and podcast format can be content examples to create a more captivating customer experience.

Test & Launch

The last phase is to test and assure that the site has reviewed and your firm gives approval. After finishing the testing phase and getting all the necessary adjustments ready, we proceed to launch the website and make it available for your target public.

Addons to boost the performance of your website

Appointment Calendar. An appointment booking calendar can help you get more meetings booked. We help you to integrate your calendar with other booking tools to display your available meeting slots.
Display Events. If you are organizing events or taking part in events you can integrate them in your website, collect payments if they fee-based and let know your customers and partners what events you are organizing.
Integrate Chat System. Have real-time conversations with your clients. You will not only save time but also provide quality conversations to your clients informing them about the possibilities your firm can offer.
Hosting and Maintenance. It is critical for accounting website to have a maintenance system in place. Website updates are required to improve the quality and speed of the website and this needs to be done regularly to ensure the quality and security of your website.
Marketing & SEO for Accountants and Tax Professionals. We help accounting firms, bookkeepers, CPAs to improve their business and generate more leads with their online presence.

Your potential customers are online, there are people searching for your law firm and previous customers are talking about your firm and services on social media.
What is stopping you from taking action?