Online Reputation Management for Accounting Firms

The online reputation of your accounting business is at stake more than ever. Now we have it easier than ever to leave reviews for the companies we hire and work for. At the same time, that information is easily available to everyone who is searching for your business. When it comes to accounting firms is crucial to managing your reputation online. No one wants to put their financial matters in the hands of someone whose reviews are not good.
Unfortunately, mistakes do happen even when you put a lot of effort into keeping an intact online presence. We cannot 100% control human behaviours, therefore we must ensure we have well-defined reputation management strategies. When a response is not as convenient as it should be you can always discuss matters privately.
Under any circumstance as a firm or professionals, you should continue that conversation online. The most used strategies to handle negative reviews is saturating search results, requesting search engines to remove certain search results, publishing your side of the story and more.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, two-thirds of respondents consider online search as the most reliable source of information. This is the starting point of your reputation management strategy. Both businesses and consumers are likely to engage in online searches to know more information about a company, service, firm or individual.

Strategies for online reputation management for accountants

An accountant’s job is already challenging and requires a lot of attention. You don’t want a bad review or a public online argument to create problems for your future relationships with clients. To prevent these situations you can use the following strategies:

  • Select Third Party Reputation Management Software.

    There are third-party applications that allow you to collect feedback from clients. You can approve or disapprove those comments and know what your accounting firm can improve. The goal is to use that feedback to improve and to create credibility for future clients.

  • Manage Your Reputation.

    Whether you receive positive or negative feedback it is important that you take time to answer them. You can ask for more feedback when you have a negative situation or thank and continue engaging with positive reviews.

  • Address Online Complaints.

    All of us prefer to only deal with positive comments and feedback and when it comes to a negative review we tend to procrastinate. To avoid doing that you need to train yourself and your team to address as soon as possible negative reviews.

  • Do Not Engage with Negative Comments Online.

    As soon as negative feedback is received try to reach via phone call or private chat with the person who wrote it and try to solve it.

We hope the above tactics will help you to handle online reviews of your organization. With that in mind, when choosing what online software to use to collect review we also leave below some links that will help you.

Your potential customers are online, there are people searching for your law firm and previous customers are talking about your firm and services on social media.
What is stopping you from taking action?