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Virtual Island Innovation
Virtual Island is one of the first initiatives to create an online summit designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform.
Services: Design, Development, Marketing

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Ovran: Membership Site

OvRAN needed a system in place that would allow the clients subscribed to have access to private content, a platform where potential members could subscribe, communicate and pay.

Services:Design, Development, Automation

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Connect Flow International

Connect Flow is a new international law firm shortening the distance between the Chinese market and the European one. To communicate these values a website was needed and a content strategy to represent the firm.
Design, Development, SEO, Marketing Strategy

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Branding for Law Firms

The business world is always analyzing online behaviour and determining how those actions can affect a law firm’s growth down the road. Therefore it is imperative to establish a strong brand online.

Services: Branding, Marketing

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Ovran: Website

Strong online presence to continue providing useful insights regarding the industry and attract more traffic. Their website design needed improvement to communicate the values of their brand and be responsive to all screen sizes.
Services: Design, Development, Automation

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Cellasy: Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Cellasy is a multi-vendor marketplace built to solve the problems local shops in the Netherlands have. This multi-vendor solution connects small local shops in the Netherlands with plans to expand to Belgium and Germany.

Design, Development, Automation

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