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    p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Technology

    2 days ago

    Since COVID19 there are more solutions to tackle your #stayathome situation than ever. Let’s talk about some fun ones:
    👉 Coronavirus: Adding video conference technology into your law practice: https://bit.ly/2yjAq3V
    👉 Coronavirus: Digital Signatures are Legal and Valid in South Africa: https://bit.ly/3dEyOSw

    👉COVID-19 Will Turbocharge Legal Industry Transformation: https://bit.ly/2vWkrYD
    👉6 Ways Tech Can Help Keep Attorneys Engaged, Even While Remote: https://bit.ly/2QRS31i

    … and let’s not forget about Friday Drinks 😁
    Firms Organise Virtual Drinks, Online Challenges In Morale-Boosting Efforts

      p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Technology

      2 days ago

      With COVID19 or not, law firms need to have some basic tech tools in order to manage their work not only from the office but also when they are away and/or working from home. Moving your practice to a paperless office is not a question of whether it should or shouldn’t be done but a necessity. We hope the following articles will help you decide what tech tools should next be implemented at your office.

      7 types of tech tools to help lawyers set up virtual offices: https://bit.ly/3atrrLK

      The Bionic Legal System: We Can Rebuild It, We Have The Technology: https://bit.ly/3atrves

      Another step legal tech firms have adopted is to to provide a free software solution to law firms with the purpose of helping them grow. If you happen to be a legal tech company you might think about it as a strategy. Some examples of companies pursuing this strategy are:

      Law Firms Offered Free Cloud-Based Software to Help Them through the COVID-19 Crisis: https://bit.ly/2ULHNZp

      Continuing Education of the Bar Offers Integration of Essential Forms with LegalConnect eFiling for California Courts: https://bit.ly/3bicXyf

      Big Law Goes Remote: Updates on Law Firm Closures During the Coronavirus Crisis

      Like law firms, public agencies and governments are moving their activity to the cloud. This comes with ambitious plans and also risks. More information here: https://bit.ly/2ygaZA9

        p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Marketing

        2 days ago

        These weeks can be challenging. For some of us is the 3rd week at home and for others can be more or less. From wherever you are at this moment we want to send you a lot of positivity and stay healthy. The legal community has joined to create webinars, share knowledge and best practices. We wanted to share some tips to navigate through uncertainty:

        25+ Ways to Maintain Positivity and Mental Health in Uncertain Times: https://bit.ly/33Usfql

        How setting up a Virtual Law Firm Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies: https://bit.ly/3dAkuu3

        Remote Marketing Strategies: Value-Added Services You Can Deliver Virtually Now

        Legal Ethics and Coronavirus: Tech Solutions for Health, Safety, and Efficiency

        Build Trust and Add Value Through Legal Marketing: Principles to Follow During the COVID-19 Crisis https://bit.ly/2JpAHVi

        Marketing Your Law Firm During the Coronavirus: 7 Strategies to Position Your Firm For Long-Term Success https://bit.ly/2UssR3C

        Tools for Better Communication, Collaboration, and Organization for Law Firms: https://bit.ly/2QVlVK3

          p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Design

          1 week ago

          Do you need some inspiration for your new website? Then you need to take a look at the following examples:

            p.Xel Community posted in group Business Models

            1 week ago

            LegalConnect®, a premium legal technology company, today announced its partnership with the Continuing Education of the Bar (“CEB”), California’s leading law publisher and continuing legal education provider, to serve as the company’s integrated eFiling solution for California eFiling courts.

            Read more here: https://bit.ly/3bicXyf

              p.Xel Community posted in group Business Models

              1 week ago

              Law.com has prepared a list of the best practices to respond to the new ‘work from home’ situation:
              1. Adopt Flexible Work from Home (“WFH”) Time Management and Goal-Setting Strategies.
              2. Make Realistic Agreements at Home and Honor Them.
              3. Adjust Your Expectations and Manage Others’.
              4. Sharpen Your Delegation/Supervision/Feedback Skills.
              5. Establish Protocols to Avoid Mishaps.
              6. Recognize Real-Life Constraints.
              7. A Short but Important Point about Humanity and Connection.
              8. Have A Personal Call, Plus Regular Check-Ins.
              9. People Want to Hear Directly from Their Leaders.
              10. Be Realistic and Transparent about Your Own Constraints.
              11. Take Ownership of Your Work – and Be Realistic About What that Means.
              12. Think About Ways You Can Contribute.
              13. Ask for, Learn from, and Act on Feedback.

              As a lawyer which has been your approach? Let us know about your experience!

              Read More: https://bit.ly/2y6aJE1

                p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Technology

                1 week ago

                A recent study from Oxford University has found that less than 25% of solicitors have used AI-backed solutions. Although there is a hype around new AI-based solutions, the adoption by law firms has been modest so far.

                Among the solicitors using lawtech, we can highlight some interesting results:

                ✔ 80% used legal tech for knowledge management accounts,
                ✔ more than 25% used AI for legal research
                ✔ 19% agreed that they have captured data effectively in their organizations to be used by legal technology.
                ✔ 38% of lawyers admit they have received training in lawtech, specifically training in relation to particular software packages adopted by the firm.
                ✔ 41% of solicitors feel confident about their lawtech training

                Apparently, lawyers that are given training are keener to adopt new technologies. Therefore law firms should invest in the training of their employees to adopt new lawtech solutions.

                Read the article: https://bit.ly/2J6o2GH
                Read the study: https://bit.ly/2UztR4R

                  p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Technology

                  1 week ago

                  In the middle of a pandemic such as COVID-19, there are a lot of questions regarding how criminal and civil courts should continue their activity. Given the new public health guidelines, public hearings are no longer possible. Therefore we can see video or phone calls as a short-term solution to make hearings happen. At the same time, there are opportunities, these issues raise concerns to tackle:
                  👉 adaptability
                  👉 equality
                  👉 digital literacy
                  👉 financial support
                  👉 security

                  What solutions and difficulties, situations such as COVID19 raise? Simon Mullings,  Housing Law Caseworker, gives more details here: https://bit.ly/2Uz9C7n

                    p.Xel Community posted in group Legal Technology

                    1 week ago

                    Clio, a well-established tech company, has launched a $1 million initiative to assist the global legal community. They want law firms across the globe to be able to continue providing their services. This reliefe program will help law firms the difficulties yet to come. This can be an opportunity for the legal industry since the support program will conduct a massive transformation and help law firms change in weeks what could have been changed in years. Law firms have no other option but embrace the change!

                    Their relief program includes:
                    ✔Financial Aid for Clio Licenses
                    ✔Support with Onboarding and Implementation of Clio
                    ✔Financial Aid for Law Firms and Legal Organizations
                    ✔Educational Support

                    Read More here: https://www.clio.com/covid-relief/