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Legal Marketing Checklist

Building a successful law firm is not an easy task, especially when your clients are a priority. You have a list full of tasks to deal with daily and deadlines to manage. Although it sounds challenging when you recently start, you tend to leave your marketing...

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LegalTech Events 2020

Discover the latest trends and events in Legal Technology. What a better way to do that than assisting to amazing events where you can connect with like-minded law firm owners and partners. The events included in our list start from the end of February 2020 until the...

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Legal marketing strategies for lawyers

Online internet presence has become significantly important for businesses that wish to leverage their brand quality. For law firms, it is even more meaningful hence; most of them do not develop a high-performance marketing plan. Although digital marketing plans are...

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Chatbots in legal industry

Many of us are familiar with chatbots from online shopping or smart devices –assistants- that we carry every day. Their main goal is to help people through code patterns. Utilization of chatbots has been considered as a part of digital transformation. Therefore, their...

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