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OvRAN: Working toghether to build better websites and software integrations

OvRAN is a private-law legal entity in charge of the accounting firms in the Netherlands. They communicate with their clients via website, blog and newsletters or their private membership area. Clients can subscribe to any of the available Chambers and access to specific content belonging to the chamber they are subscribed to.

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Through research and innovation we create unique digital experiences. We craft the perfect online presence for your organization  and automate processes within your firm.

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Connect Flow: Design for International Law Firms

Connect Flow is a new international law firm shortening the distance between the Chinese market and the European one. Established in the Netherlands, the firm needed a digital presence to be able to showcase their services and make accessible their information to potential costumers, connect small companies and make them known to potential customers easier.

A new initiative in the legal industry, needed a website design to communicate the brand and its values to potential clients and a blog to share their insights regarding the industry.

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